Montag, 22. September 2008

Today we will do an Onion Cake which is typically german!!

For 6 persons you need:
For the dough:
400g Flour
20 g barm/yeast
250ml water

For the filling:
800g onions
400g ham
250g cheese (i prefer gouda), could be also grated already
200g cream
1 Teaspoon salt
3 Eatingspoons oil
2 egg yolk

Give the flour, the barm/yeast and the water into a bowl and mix it with a mixer.
The dough is done :D

Peel the onions and cut them into rings, then sweat them on a little in a pan with a bit of oil.Cut the ham into cubes and grate the cheese. Mix the cream with the egg yolk!! unroll the dough on a baking tray where you can make edge with, if you don´t have a edge the the cream will run from your tray and you´ll have a big mess!! Put the onions on the dough and spice them up with a bit of pepper!! Now mix the ham with the cheese in a bowl then give them onto the onions!! After that you put the cream over it!! While this you should heat up your oven 200°C or around 392° Fahrenheit!! Put your cake carefully into the oven, the cake will need around 30 to 45 minutes, watch if it is brown allover, maybe you can take it out then before :D


For this i prefer to drink a wine :D

Bon appetite

Damn bitch...

... broke up with me again today, coz she has another boyfriend, maybe somebody said her that i kissed that girl on saturday <_<

But i don´t care there so much girls on the world :3, but for distraction i have coloured a pic and i will work on pics today so i´m okay :D

That´s what i made today :3 :

My lips are chopped and i missed a chance

Well my lips are chopped in the corners, maybe i´m talking to much XD, no serious it hurts like hell, they rip up if i eat something T_T!! Well the rest of my body is feeling good so far :D

Was in the supermarket this morning, also bought charcoal for my hookah and i was in a computer store coz i need a notebook for university, but i don´t bought one today, coz university begins only in 2 weeks, so i got time :3

Well also missed a chance to win 10.000€, coz the end of my serial number was 375 and the searched for 735 D:

Today i will outline some art or colour something, i dunno^^

maybe i start with designs for my planned clothing label :3

Sonntag, 21. September 2008

Not feeling to good o.o

well had party last night, drank 6 caipirinhas which are 12 shots, 4 Whiskey- cola and 2 beer and i didn´t puke *yay* well the party was awesome have seen people i´ve not seen for years, well i was talking to girls a lot and than we kissed <3 awesome feeling :3

and the thanks for it is diarrhea D: and i´m tired x3

well stood up at 10 in the mornin and had a shower, slept in the afternoon till now, gonna drink some water and eat little :3 and then i will chill

i continue tommorrow with art