Montag, 22. September 2008

My lips are chopped and i missed a chance

Well my lips are chopped in the corners, maybe i´m talking to much XD, no serious it hurts like hell, they rip up if i eat something T_T!! Well the rest of my body is feeling good so far :D

Was in the supermarket this morning, also bought charcoal for my hookah and i was in a computer store coz i need a notebook for university, but i don´t bought one today, coz university begins only in 2 weeks, so i got time :3

Well also missed a chance to win 10.000€, coz the end of my serial number was 375 and the searched for 735 D:

Today i will outline some art or colour something, i dunno^^

maybe i start with designs for my planned clothing label :3

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